Linear static and dynamic analysis of thin laminated composite structures with a triangular finite element

Liércio André Isoldi, Armando Miguel Awruch, Inácio Benvegnu Morsh, Paulo Roberto de Freitas Teixeira


Linear static and dynamic behavior of thin laminate composite structures are analyzed in this study using the Finite Element Method (FEM). Triangular elements with three nodes and six degrees of freedom per node (three displacement and three rotation components) are used. For static analysis the equilibrium equations are solved using Pre-conditioned Gradient Conjugate Method (GCM) while the dynamic solution is performed using the classical Newmark Method. Analytical evaluation of consistent element mass matrix and determination of membrane and membrane-bending coupling element stiffness matrix in the explicit form are showed. Numerical examples are presented and compared with results obtained by other authors with different types of elements and different schemes, proving the validity and effectiveness of the developed model.


Laminate composite; Static and dynamic analysis; Consistent mass matrix; Finite element method

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