Parallel implementation of the aeh technique for the solution of plane multiphasic problems

Barbara de M. Quintela, Anna Paula G. Ferreira, Michéle C. Resende Farage, Marcelo Lobosco


The Asymptotic Expansion Homogenization (AEH) technique is used to estimate the effective properties of heterogeneous media with periodical microstructure. A considerable computational effort can be necessary even though the adopted models are quite simple. For this reason, parallelization is often necessary to achieve good performance. This work presents a first attempt to parallelize the AEH implementation code. Although the parallelization process is in a very early stage, the preliminary results show that the parallel version provides up to a 30% improvement in application speed. This work consists on a step towards a numerical tool for the analysis of more complex and three-dimensional periodic cells. The two-dimensional AEH was implemented in the C programming language for the future generalization to three-dimensional problems employing the available parallelization tools.


Asymptotic homogenization; Heterogeneity; Periodicity; Finite element method; Parallel Computing

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